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Abbreviated as SMS, the transmission associated with short text messages to and from a cell phone, fax machine and/or Internet protocol address. Messages must be no longer compared to 160 alpha-numeric characters and contain no images or even graphics.

Once a message is actually sent, it is received by a Brief Message Service Center (SMSC), which must after that get it to the

appropriate mobile gadget.

To do this, the actual SMSC sends a SMS Request to the house location register (HLR) to find the roaming client. Once the HLR receives the demand, it will respond to the SMSC using the subscriber's status: 1) inactive or energetic 2) where subscriber is running around.

If the response is actually "inactive", then the SMSC will keep the message for a period of your time. When the subscriber accesses his gadget, the HLR sends a SMS Notification towards the SMSC, and the SMSC attempt delivery.

The SMSC exchanges the message in a Short Message Delivery Point out Point format to the serving program. The system pages the device, and when it responds, the message gets shipped.

The SMSC receives verification that this message was received by the end consumer, then categorizes the message as "sent" and can not attempt to send once again.

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